Moments of Hesitation

Hello and welcome!

This is the website of PringaDa,

a pseudonym adopted by

Bron Fionnachd-Féin for her more recent work.

Bron lives and works in Tasmania, Australia.

The PringaDa works explore the question: 'What is within the moment of hesitation?’

Ephemeral and often formless, the works are prompted by the chance encounters of everyday life. Mostly they fall into one of two categories: ‘matterings’ (which usually record a chance encounter) and ‘soundings’ (an invitation to others to do something, such as the Fluxus-inspired event scores). The works are strongly influenced by and draw on the attitude, values, methods and characteristics of Fluxus. John Cage and Zen Buddhism are also key influences.

These works come from an experimental practice that proposes new understandings about art. The works suggest how the resonance felt when engaging with other forms of art can be relocated to the everyday lived experience of anyone, anytime — beyond the art object, beyond the gallery, beyond delineation, beyond intent. They are not static forms of art but rather they are indicators of potential — they invite people to ‘tune in’ to their own life and experience their own ‘art moments’ in everyday life. They say, ‘This is what is here for you. This too is art’.



2020: the start of a pandemic. Walls around the world — in silence — were minding their own business.

The business of walls is often to restrict and divide, but walls can also shelter, shield and protect. These randomly captured photographs of the walls in and around my home represent a type of art that is part of daily life, art that is available to anyone, anywhere, anytime.


'Matterings' generally record a chance encounter, something that seems to present itself as having some particular signifance and/or meaning. The moments they capture are not consciously sought or managed. Usually photos and videos are not edited in any way, although a video may be cropped and a title and credits added. Occasionally there are video works that record a performance, or other works, and these are not 'matterings' in quite the same way.


'Soundings' are an invitation to others to do something. Influenced by the event scores of Fluxus and prompted by everyday emergent phenomena, they are essentially performance art scores that anyone can realise at any time.


Many early Fluxus artists had studied with John Cage, and his teachings and methods have influenced many artists from the 1950s to the present day. The PringaDa works are influenced by his conceptions of chance in Zen Buddhism and his demonstration that everyday sounds can be music. This concept became my sounding board, I adapted and applied it to visual art, bouncing from within the fine art paradigm until the word 'art' changed from noun to a verb. This section offers a selection of playful homages to John Cage.


This section offers a journey into the background of the PringaDa works. By clicking here you'll be taken to an external page that holds the exegesis submitted in partial fulfilment of 'What is Within the Moment of Hesitation?', a practice-led Master of Fine Arts by research degree, undertaken through the University of Tasmania and awarded in 2015.

PREVIOUS WORK (1990–2003)

A selection of previous work made and exhibited from 1990–2003 (until 2001, under my present and previous names of Bron Fionnachd-Féin and Bron/Bronwen Power).